Dear Valued Customer,

Hamburg Sud recently communicated that rises in energy costs had brought about the need to introduce an Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge for all inland transportation to minimise supply chain disruption. Since then, we have continued to evaluate the market in the hopes of inflated rates coming down and being able to pass these cost reductions on to our customers.

Fuel prices have decreased through March in the UK and Ireland. As such, we are able to reduce the Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge, effective as of 10th April* 2023.

It will be applied as follows**:

  • UK: all inland transport – 2.5% on your inland tariff
  • Ireland: all inland transport – 0.4% on your inland tariff

*For FMC, surcharges will be applicable from 24th April 2023 as per FMC regulations.
**Price calculation date (PCD):
For Non-FMC shipments, PCD is the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) of the first vessel in the latest booking confirmation issued upon customer request.
For FMC shipments, PCD is the date on which Maersk A/S or one of its authorised agent(s) takes possession of the last container listed on the transport document.
For Import shipments (i.e. inland leg at destination port hired later to cargo departure from origin port)  the surcharge price calculation refers to Vessel Arrival date at cargo destination port.
Note: FMC regulated trades are shipments exiting or entering a port in the United States, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa or Puerto Rico (US).

The surcharge will continue to be used to accommodate additional costs presented by our vendors, secure capacity in the market and ultimately ensure a continued and sustainable inland transportation service for our customers. We will, of course, keep monitoring the situation on a country-by-country  basis and make the necessary changes as market circumstances dictate. When energy prices return to previous levels, the surcharge will be withdrawn.

Surcharge codes will be presented on invoices as “EEE” (Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge Export) and “EEI” (Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge Import).

We appreciate your trust and loyalty in these challenging times, and look forward to continuing to assist you on all matters pertaining to your logistical needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Hamburg Süd office if you have any questions.

Our teams are always by your side.

Kind regards,
Your Hamburg Süd Team