Dear Customer,

In our constant effort to expand our ocean network coverage between Central America and the United States, we will add Puerto Moin, CR, to our existing South Atlantic Express (SAE) service. The new coverage will provide the fastest connection from Costa Rica to Honduras and Guatemala. In addition, a direct call to Port Everglades with six days of transit time.

Here is the updated rotation:

Northbound rotation:

  • Manzanillo, PA > Puerto Moin, CR > Puerto Cortes, HN > Puerto Barrios, GT > Port Everglades, FL > Wilmington, NC > Norfolk, VA > Philadelphia, PA

Southbound rotation:

  • Norfolk, VA > Philadelphia, PA > Wilmington, NC > Savannah, GA > Port Everglades, FL > Santo Tomas De Castilla, GT > Puerto Cortes, HN > Manzanillo, PA > Puerto Moin, CR

The new connection begins May 2nd in Puerto Moin, CR, with regularly scheduled Tuesday calls.

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service agents or your local office.

Thank you!