Our relevant prices and tariffs for you

Here you can find our relevant prices, tariffs and essential terms for Hamburg Süd.

The purpose is to provide access to past, current and future Hamburg Süd tariff information and essential terms.

Detailed Ocean Tariff, Inland Tariff and Freetime information

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Ocean Tariff

This service offers ocean related tariff charges only and is mainly for FMC purposes and hence may not yield results for non-FMC related corridors.
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Inland Tariff

Here you can find all inland tariffs for different service types and transport modes. Enter the connection and get the right inland tariff.
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In case you need detailed information about demurrage and detention for import or export this is the right service for you.

Local surcharges, Rules and Records

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All relevant rule information can be found here.
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You find here the information about our records.
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Local Surcharges

All our local surcharges are available using this service.

Please click on below links to have an overview of the following rate elements (for trades to and from the European Economic Area):