Depot Services

We offer comprehensive depot services such as container preparation, stuffing and destuffing, and full container storage.

Full service for your cargo stopover

Be it for preparing your transports, storing your containers or making use of our value-added services such as VGM or inspection – there are many reasons for choosing Depot Services. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to help you make your supply chain more flexible and efficient.

Hamburg Süd container truck stopover

Our services for you:

Container preparation

We prepare every container according to your cargo needs in order to protect your valuable goods. Be it equipping the container with flexitanks or safeguarding your products with our CargoClima solution to avoid infestation or mould – we have the perfect solution for your cargo.

Stuffing and destuffing
Stuffing a container is more than just loading the cargo into it. It is about efficiently using space, ensuring safety and stability, and protecting the goods. You can rely on our logistics experts and our best-in-class equipment: we will always load and unload your cargo optimally – whether it’s reefer, dry bulk or oversized cargo.
Full container storage
Whether your cargo is unexpectedly delayed, you are facing a supply chain disruption or simply need a space to store your cargo – we keep your full containers safely stored on our premises. Be your cargo at origin or destination, be it bonded or unbonded, be it close to the terminal or in the hinterland. Full Container Storage also allows you to free up space in your own facility.

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