Container Protect

Safeguard yourself against the risk of additional costs related to damaged or soiled containers.

No need to worry about container damage

Containers protect your goods. But what protects the containers? Damaged or soiled containers cost time, money and patience. Time – because the cause of the damage has to be investigated. Money – because the container needs to be cleaned and repaired. And patience – because all this can lead to delayed transports. But with Container Protect, you can safeguard yourself against unforeseen costs, as it covers containers in the event of a damage claim – and we take care of the settlement in the process. This means more time and fewer worries for you. And more service from us.

Your benefits at a glance:

More comfort

We handle the entire settlement process after a damage claim. You take care of more important things.

More certainty

Since it is already clear who will pay for the damage or cleaning of the container, there are no delays when returning containers at depots.

More control

We will immediately pay for the repair or cleaning of the containers. You will not be caught off guard by additional costs.

Choose your Container Protect package

The general terms and conditions of Container Protect shall apply. Prices and coverage amounts are determined by the particular country. You can find all the information in our Terms & Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Container Protect

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