ECO Delivery

Now there is choice: use green fuels for sustainable cargo transports.

The sustainable choice

You want to do business – but would you like to do so sustainably? Together, we can accept responsibility for present and future generations. We make it possible for you to save CO₂ emissions and thereby do something for the environment – while also achieving your company’s climate goals.

Your benefits from ECO Delivery:

More green fuels

Instead of just offsetting CO₂ emissions by planting trees, ECO Delivery genuinely reduces them – by investing in and using green fuels, such as low-emission biofuel. By opting for ECO Delivery, you are encouraging the expansion of the market for green fuels. For more transparency, you also receive a certificate showing the amount of CO₂ you have saved.

More sustainability

You will make supply chains more sustainable while achieving your company’s sustainability goals even faster at the same time. You and your brand can stand for more sustainability – especially in the eyes of climate-conscious trade partners, logistics companies and consumers.

More CO₂ certification

You pay a surcharge per container loaded. We invest 100 per cent of these funds in low-carbon biofuel from waste materials – certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) or the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). At the end of the contract, you will receive a CO₂ certificate, independently verified according to ISAE 3410.

Using ECO Delivery is this easy:

Your ECO Delivery surcharge
For each container transported with ECO Delivery, a surcharge will be applied.
100% biofuel for Hamburg Süd network
We will invest your ECO Delivery surcharge in green fuels, which we will feed into our network.
At the end of your contract period, you will receive a verified certificate stating the amount of CO₂ you saved by opting for ECO Delivery transports.

Backed by three seals of trust

ECO Delivery is a solution that is backed by some of the most trusted and respected environment and emissions bodies in the world. Their accreditation, verification and proven methodologies are proof that your carbon savings are tangible and real.

Global Logistics Emissions Control (GLEC)

GLEC is a universal method developed for calculating logistics emissions across all transport mediums from road, rail, air and sea to inland waterways and transhipment centres.


International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC)

ISCC is a certification system for all sustainable raw materials and markets, wherein the entire supply chain from raw material to end product is certified and traceable through proof of sustainability documentation.


Clean Cargo Initiative

Clean Cargo is the global standard for carbon emissions calculation in the ocean container shipping sector, which helps to track and benchmark performances and present it in a standard format to customers.


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Sustainability at Hamburg Süd

Acting sustainably is of central importance to Hamburg Süd – in the interests of the environment, society, and our employees.

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