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Your foundation for a successful career

With one dual apprenticeship and two courses within its dual work-study programme, Hamburg Süd enables you to create the foundation for a successful career. In addition to your school-based training, you gain experience in a range of departments and acquire a profound behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day work here. Prospective shipping agents also have the chance to spend several weeks at a Hamburg Süd office in Europe and to gain their first international work experience. If after completing your final secondary-school examinations/high school diploma, you would like to start with a degree alongside working, Hamburg Süd offers you an opportunity to choose from three dual work-study courses.

Dual apprenticeship

Hamburg Süd provides training to become a shipping agent and lets you get your professional life off to a versatile and practical start.

Dual work-study programme

Hamburg Süd’s dual work-study programmes offer you a balanced mix of theory and practice, one that is in-depth and provides many different insights into the company.


Getting a brief taste of working life at Hamburg Süd or being part of the workforce for several months – Hamburg Süd’s internships provide you with important experience. We offer opportunities to secondary-school and university-level students as well as to teachers.

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Award-winning training

Every year, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (HK) honours not only the best apprentice in various professions, but also the companies. Hamburg Süd regularly ranks among the best apprentice training companies in Hamburg.

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The apprentice and students of Hamburg Süd regularly publish information about the training and every-day-work in the company on their Instagram page @hamburgsud_azubis. Hamburg Süd is also active on LinkedIn – the focus on this platform is on information and interesting facts about the company, our products, and the shipping and logistics industries.

Dual apprenticeship at Hamburg Süd

At Hamburg Süd, you are in the driver’s seat of your own career. During your apprenticeship, you will work in various departments and learn about the processes at Hamburg Süd. In addition to performing everyday tasks, you can also pursue your own projects. Meanwhile, the trainers in the departments will help you to successfully stay on track.

Shipping agents

As a shipping agent, you manage all the tasks associated with operating and deploying ocean-going vessels. For example, you organize customs clearance in ports, plan the marine transport of goods, and check and optimize the capacity utilization of ships. While doing so, you will communicate with our customers, suppliers, and crews.

“I learn something new every day!” says Louisa Rektor about her dual apprenticeship at Hamburg Süd.

Dual work-study programme at Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Süd offers two dual work-study programmes for promising young professionals.

B.Sc. Business Administration “Minor Shipping“

The Business Administration Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) enables you to work in the various strategic departments at Hamburg Süd. The theoretical part of the programme teaches practical business knowledge, including accounting, bookkeeping, cost-to-performance analysis, marketing, and strategic management. In the practical modules at Hamburg Süd, you can apply what you have learned in various departments. The admission requirement is a university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate with an average of 10 points in German, math, and English (equivalent to a B– in British or American systems).

“I gained a lot of experience during my semester abroad,” says Laura Kortenbruck about her dual work-study programme at Hamburg Süd.

B.Sc. in International Business "Minor Shipping“

Graduates of the dual work-study programme in International Management “Minor Shipping” you are focused on business economics and are optimally prepared to hold management positions in an international setting. The broad-based course of studies gives students what they need to work in a wide range of business fields. Organized in cooperation with Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), the programme closely combines basic theoretical knowledge about business with real-world practical experience. Over six semesters, you become familiar with Hamburg Süd and rotate through various departments, such as Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting, Controlling, and Human Resources. In addition to an above-average university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate, applicants must provide proof of English language proficiency, as the programme is taught entirely in English.

Internships at Hamburg Süd

We offer internship and degree-thesis opportunities to secondary-school students, university-level students and teachers.

University students

A three- to six-month internship at Hamburg Süd gives students in different fields – including logistics, business administration, and information sciences – a chance to take their first steps within a dynamic, international company. What’s more, it is also possible to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at Hamburg Süd.

If interested, please submit an application (including a cover letter, resume, and an overview of your grades) via the posted vacancies. Don’t see a position or a topic that’s right for you? Then feel free to send us an unsolicited application.

Secondary-school students

Secondary-school students in 10th grade or higher who would like to get a first impression of the apprenticeships at Hamburg Süd can also apply for a student or business internship. If interested, please submit an unsolicited application (including a cover letter, resume, and your two most recent report cards).

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Do you have any questions about the apprenticeships, dual work-study programmes, or internships available at Hamburg Süd? If so, have a look at our FAQ, which already provides several answers. For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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