Dear Customer

Annually, we closely monitor the information regarding the flooding and receding of rivers in the Amazonas region, the periods when waters rise or fall due to the amount of rainfall, among other factors.

Based on the data recorded by the Brazilian National Water Agency (ANA) gauges and the continuous analysis of the receding trend in the Amazon region, we have identified a decrease in the depth of the Amazon River. This indicates that there may be a restriction on the draft of ships during the dry season, which historically lasts for approximately 120 days between September and December.

Therefore, we are already implementing preventive measures to minimize the impact of the drought on our customers' logistics by launching a new service to Manaus, which will be conducted weekly starting in September. This new service aims to ensure the continuity of service to the region during this period.

We would like to emphasize that Hamburg Süd continues to address the topic of sudden siltation at the mouth of the Madeira River through the responsible entities, as well as closely monitoring the receding situation in all the rivers that make up the Amazon Basin.

For a more precise visualization, please refer to the graph depicting the evolution of the depth of the Amazon River in Manaus.

Any updates will be promptly communicated through our customer advisories.