Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Learn how your container’s VGM is calculated and how we’ll support you.

Exact mass – more safety

Calculating the Verified Gross Mass, or VGM, became mandatory by law in July 2016. Initiated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the VGM regulation increases the safety of life at sea. Here we explain how the VGM is calculated at Hamburg Süd, what you need to pay attention to and how we’ll support you. You can transfer your VGM data directly through our website.

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Hamburg Süd offers several different options for communicating the VGM.

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From mandatory information to cutoffs, you can learn the most important requirements directly from us.

Personal support

Your on-site Hamburg Süd office will answer all of your questions about VGM.


Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions relating to VGM. We have put together a more detailed overview with the most important information as a PDF document for you to download.

Here you can download an overview with the most important information relating to the VGM as a PDF document.

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