Verified Gross Mass - VGM

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for information about shipments from/to Ukraine and from/to Russia please read Hamburg Süd´s latest announcement: News | Hamburg Süd (

Option 1

Enter your booking number and submit VGM information for all related container. Please read our user guide (PDF, 3 MB) .

Option 2

Submit VGM information for multiple bookings in one file. Download our template for easy input. Please read our user guide (PDF, 3 MB) .

Please note that the CSV file was enhanced with an additional column "Customer ID". In order to guarantee a correct upload, please assure your file contains the latest information. If not please replace your file with the latest version (CSV, 1 kB) .

The offered ePortal is a free of charge service in order to verify and transfer the container gross weight done by the shipper. The operator of this platform cannot take over responsibility of the calculated results. This responsibility must compulsorily remain with the shipper. Therefore every liability in regards to the calculated container gross weight must be excluded. For further information please refer to: