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Air Freight

One of the scarcest goods in logistics is time. That’s why we offer air freight as an additional solution to help you meet tight deadlines or avoid production downtimes. You can react flexibly with the right combination of different modes of transportation – whether by air, sea or land. This allows you to avoid storage congestion and the high costs involved with that.

Cold Chain Solutions

Refrigerated cargos are particularly valuable and sensitive. This can make reefer logistics extremely complex. But it doesn’t have to be. With our Cold Chain Solutions, built on our comprehensive ocean and logistics offerings, we bring simplicity and predictability to the transport of your perishables, while also reducing risk and administrative workloads on your business.

Inland Services

The journey of your goods neither starts nor ends at seaports. That’s why we transport your cargo not only from port to port, but also from door to door. With our reliable partners across the world, we find the right solution for you to ensur e that your container reaches its destination safely and on time – whether by train, barge or truck. We fine-tune our integrated end-to-end solutions to your cargo and business processes – for dry cargo, refrigerated cargo or break bulk.

Customs Services

Customs regulations vary from country to country – and change from time to time. With our global team of local experts, we take care of customs clearance for you in the country of dispatch and destination. We ensure that your goods reach their destination without delays.

Value Protect

We handle your goods with the utmost care. Nevertheless, unforeseen events that are beyond our control – such as fire or theft – can occur during transport. With Value Protect, we offer you the option to safeguard the value of your cargo against such logistical risks – thanks to extended transport conditions with higher recovery limits for damage claims. Whether for dry, refrigerated or special cargo, we have the right package for whatever you need – from a single source and at competitive prices.

Container Protect

Containers protect your goods. But what protects the containers? Damaged or soiled containers cost time, money and patience. Time – because the cause of the damage has to be investigated. Money – because the container needs to be cleaned and repaired. And patience – because all this can lead to delayed transports. But with Container Protect, you can safeguard yourself against unforeseen costs as it covers containers in the event of a damage claim – and we take care of the settlement in the process. This means more time and fewer worries for you. And more service from us.

Captain Peter™

Temperature-sensitive goods require an unbroken cold chain in order to be able to guarantee product quality. Captain Peter™, our virtual reefer assistant, allows you to monitor all the important parameters inside your reefer container – around the clock and across the globe. In this way, we ensure that there aren’t any surprises when the container is opened upon arrival.


Managing a supply chain can quickly become complicated, as there are usually a lot of different parties involved. Inefficient supply chains cost you not only time, but also money. With Flow, we offer you a digital solution that was specifically designed to meet the needs of supply chain professionals. Work with your partners on a central platform, receive important information on time and eliminate sources of error by automating processes. This enables you to keep an overview and to control your supply chain at all times – from purchase order to port of destination.

Hamburg Süd Flow
Booking Services

Coordinating multiple partners, solving operational logistics problems, handling documents – all these tasks cost you a lot of time, but have nothing to do with your core business. Let us execute your export operations to increase efficiency in your booking process.

Your benefits

Simple coordination

We efficiently coordinate all the steps for you across land and sea so you can focus on your core business.

On the safe side

Our teams and partners know the applicable regulations for customs services and inland transports in the respective countries,

Global and local expertise

Our global network includes 250 offices in over 100 countries. Our employees are experts in their field and have many years of experience.

Personal service

At Hamburg Süd, you will always have a contact person by your side.

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ECO Delivery

You want to do business – but would you like to do it sustainably, too? Together, we can accept responsibility for present and future generations. We make it possible for you to save CO₂ emissions and thereby do something for the environment – while also achieving your company’s climate goals.

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