North America West Coast to Mediterranean Service - Schedule Update Blank Sailing

(Morristown, NJ)… Due to expected low demand, the week 21 departure of “Seaspan Hamburg” v 021 E will be cancelled. The adjusted schedule is as follows:

Vessel/Voyage “Halifax Express” Voyage 020 E “Seaspan Hamburg”Voyage 021 E Dallas Express”Voyage 022 E
Seattle May 13-14 Omit May 27-28
Vancouver May 15-16 Omit May 29-30
Oakland May 20-21 Omit June 3-4
Long Beach May 22-23 Omit June 5-6
Manzanillo, MX May 26-27 Omit June 9-10
Manzanillo, PA June 3 Omit June 17-18
Cartagena June 6-7 Omit June 20-21
Tanger Med June 17-18 Omit July 1-2
Valencia June 19-20 Omit July 3-4

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.