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Port Status:


Key ports across our global network have significantly improved waiting time as a consequence of weather improvement and less cargo congestion.

  • In Northern Europe, the situation at ports has been stable without disruptions and/or impact on the lineup.
  • In Asia, ports are running smoothly considering weather issues, Ningbo and Busan are impacted due to dense fog, having a waiting time of 1 day.  Tauranga has improved significantly due to the reinstatement of Proforma Berth windows.
  • In Latin America, we should expect closures due to severe weather in Chile and Mexico until May, but without considerable impact on the lineups.
  • In North America, waiting times on both East and West coasts have been stable. However, the Oakland lineup has been impacted due to labor issues, and the waiting time has reached three days. The situation is expected to continue for the next two months. The situation in Freeport is better with no waiting time, and productivity and yard utilization have improved the complex port performance. For the Canadian ports, Vancouver waiting time has changed for the better, now with only three days due to more favorable weather conditions.

Vessel Arrival Waiting Time Indicator

Less than 1 day 1 – 3 days 4 – 7 days More than 7 days
Latin America
Less than 1 day
SSA/ Manzanillo MX, Lazaro Cardenas, Altamira,  Veracruz  Moin, Balboa, Manzanillo, PA, PSA, Cristobal, Cartagena, Buenaventura, Santa Marta, Turbo, Callao, Guayaquil, Valparaiso, San Antonio (Chile), San Vicente, Santos, Paranagua, Itajai, Itapoa, Paranagua, Montevideo, Buenos Aires
1 – 3 days
4 – 7 days
More than 7 days
Rest of the world
Less than 1 day
  Norfolk & Savannah (USA Flag), Charleston, Wilmington, North Charleston, Jacksonville, Port Everglades, Tampa, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Newark, Miami, Freeport,  Seattle, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, London, Hamburg, Shangai, Chiwan, Qingdao, Singapore,  Tauranga
1 – 3 days
Montreal, Halifax, Baltimore,  New Orleans, Norfolk  & Savannah (no USA flag vessels), Mobile, Houston,  Oakland, Prince Rupert,  Vancouver, Busan, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Ningbo
4 – 7 days
More than 7 days

(*) - cargo connections can be impacted considering the delays reported

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